Inclusive Social Gatherings

Here is a non-exhaustive list of bars and restaurants that embody the inclusive, fair trade, organic, accessible, and queer-friendly values reflective of the conference’s ethos. Participants are encouraged to consider these options based on their preferences and needs.

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Bar Senza Nome

ADDRESS: Via Belvedere 11/B

CONTACTS: +393472919346 (only via text messages)

The bar was founded in 2012 by two willing deaf teens, and has since become a meeting place where it is possible to challenge prejudices and foster integration and dialogue with deaf people. In fact, the bar is the first place in Bologna where the staff is entirely made up of deaf people. With indoor and outdoor tables, there is also the possibility of aperitivo with food.

Il Barattolo

ADDRESS: Via del Borgo di San Pietro 26/A


Queer cafe-bar in the center of Bologna, with indoor and outdoor tables, and with foosball table. Sometimes art exhibitions, performances and other small cultural events.

L’Altro Spazio

ADDRESS: 3 different locations: Via Nazario Sauro 24/F, Via del Pratello 29/A, Via del Pratello 96/A

CONTACTS:,,, (also for reservations)

L’Altro Spazio is a group of bars, cultural ambassadors, and art galleries in the neighborhoods of Pratello and Belvedere in Bologna, Italy. It is thought to be without architectural barriers and for people with disabilities. They are committed to creating spaces where everyone feels safe, respected, and included. They believe that everyone has something to offer, and they are passionate about creating spaces where everyone can feel like they belong. They offer a variety of events and programs, including art exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and dance parties.

Fuori Orsa

ADDRESS: 2 different locations: Via delle Moline 10/A, Via Sebastiano Serlio 25/2

CONTACTS: +39 3513227575, +39 3703330255,, 

The brewery itself (Vecchia Orsa) is located outside the city of Bologna, where since 2007 they have been brewing craft beer to support the idea of an inclusive society. Colleagues with disabilities take part in the entire production chain enhancing each Vecchia Orsa product. Work is also an opportunity for autonomy, fulfillment and participation in social life inside and outside the brewery. Vecchia Orsa Brewery is a project of Arca di Noè Cooperativa Sociale.

Cafè de la Paix

ADDRESS: Via Collegio di Spagna 5/D

CONTACTS: +390512750233,

Café de la Paix was founded in 2003 as Bologna’s first social-solidarity restaurant. Here you can find FAIRTRADE, organic and Km 0 products, Italian craft beer and natural wines. It has been the container of the social projects of the Iusta Res Cooperative, which for years has been involved in placing boys and girls in difficulty in the world of work.

Fram cafè

ADDRESS: Via Rialto, 22, 40124 Bologna BO, Italy

CONTACTS: +39 0515877514,

Organic and vegan bistrot with a cozy cosmopolitan northern-European atmosphere, credit to the exclusively salvaged furniture. They have an ethical and health-conscious food approach.


ADDRESS: Via Mascarella 81/H

CONTACTS: +39 0514210582, +39 3757189979,,

Vegan and vegetarian organic fair trade restaurant. They collaborate with the Ex Aequo Cooperative, which runs some fair trade stores in Bologna and province, supplies them with some products and with which they organize evenings of presentation of international cooperation projects, themed dinners with fundraising and fair trade organic catering.

Porta Pazienza

ADDRESS: Via Luigi Pirandello 6

CONTACTS: +39 0514128885, (also for reservations)

They have always been at the forefront of the fight against mafias. They practice a model of critical and conscious consumption, actively supporting social cooperatives that work in Italian detention centers, cooperatives that work with assets confiscated from the mafias, realities that denounce the “pizzo”, and cooperatives that produce organic vegetables from social agriculture. Reserving a table means giving work and dignity to the most fragile young people who work there, allowing them to live independently.

La Svolta – Cucina di Ragione

ADDRESS: Via Nosadella, 35a, 40123 Bologna BO, Italy

CONTACTS: +39 0510390032,

“Cucina di Ragione” means reasoning about what we eat, about the raw materials that we carefully select, bringing them to the table together with the history, knowledge, traditions and flavors of those who have decided to dedicate their lives to their realization.

In this restaurant, they want to be the spokesperson for those small producers present in their territory, who still have little visibility, but nevertheless resist, within an economic and commercial system that increasingly favors the large-scale distribution of the food industry and, consequently, the standardization of food.
They stand by those who have decided to resist the dynamics of large-scale distribution without compromising, deciding to remain on the side of economic and environmental sustainability, respecting the natural cycles of the different ecosystems and the dignity of labor in the various production sectors.

Here you can find more inclusive and fair suggestions (for social gatherings, restaurants, clothing stores, bookstores and more) from Bologna is Fair, click the button below to be redirected to the website or the second button to view their PDF.