Instructions for moderators

General Information

  • Session Moderators are responsible for introducing speakers, ensuring that the presentations stay on time, moderating Q&A , and generally ensuring that the session runs as smoothly as possible.
  • All contributed oral session speakers have 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation, 4 minutes for Q&A + 1 minute for speaker change) & all speed session speakers have 5 minutes, with the opportunity to participate, after every three presentations, in 3 minutes discussion with audience members.
  • Moderators will perform the below tasks, and can enlist the help of the session’s volunteers at any point to ensure smooth running of the session. 


  • Arrive to the session room 15 minutes before the session starts. Check the public program ahead of time for the most updated location information for your assigned session. Please bring your own watch or use your phone to track time. Check that all speakers are present before the start of the session. Consult speakers about any questions regarding pronunciation of names.Speakers are in bold on schedules (printed list will be in the session room).
  • Check the lights and projection, adjust as needed. The settings should be set in a way that does not require adjustments. Nonetheless, please be cognizant of attendees’ ability to see the projected presentations clearly. If the room is too bright or the projector too dim, please adjust as needed. Try to have dim lighting in the back of the room that can be left on during the presentation. This aids note-taking and safe movement of people in and out of the room during talks.
  • The presenters’ PDF or PowerPoint presentations should be pre-loaded onto the computer in the room. When you arrive at your session, familiarize yourself with how to select pre-loaded PDF or PowerPoint presentations, how to begin a presentation, etc.
  • Brief the presenters on how the session will be conducted, including when and how time warnings will be communicated.   e.g., use a visual (time cards, available at the Secretariat Desk) or vocal signal when there are 3 minutes remaining, stand-up when there is one minute remaining, and walk to the podium and politely indicate that their allotted time has come to an end. Encourage speakers to leave a few minutes for questions at the end of their talk. As a reminder, all speakers receive 15 minutes, which equates to a 10-minute presentation and the remaining time for Q&A and speaker change.
  • Remind presenters they must speak into the microphone.
  • Start on time! even if it appears that not all speakers have arrived. This is extremely important to ensure each presenter has their allotted time and has time for questions and answers.

Additional Info for Speed Talk Session Moderators:

  • The brevity of speed presentations creates an environment of tight timing that affects the moderation of the session too. For example, time can be saved if the speakers introduce themselves while the moderator opens the next computer file. Transition time can also be minimized if all the speakers are asked to sit in the front row in the sequence in which they will speak.
  • Give presenters a clear signal when they have 30 seconds left; stand up when they have 10 seconds left so that you are ready to displace them from the podium when their time is over.
  • After every three presentations there will be 3 minutes for discussion. Let the audience members know at the beginning of the session that there is Q&A time where they can ask questions of individual presenters. 
  • Close the session on time and encourage any ongoing discussions to take place elsewhere at the campus university.

Rooms’ equipment

  • Computer with Windows OS
  • Projector
  • Whiteboard
  • Flipchart
  • Wall socket for pc
  • Moderation cars for 5 had 3 minutes (we ask all chairs to give the cards back at the end of their session)